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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Now that I have my room, I can have my privacy, I can have visitors and of course, I can take a bath!!! I can’t imagine being confined in the hospital for weeks and not having to take a bath. Oh my! Sure glad I have this room…

Ok. This is the day that we found out that what I have is HEPATITIS A. If you ask how I got it, it’s kinda gross and I hate it! Just do your own research ok? But on the lighter side, this is the kind that’s easy to cure. Actually I just need rest and proper nutrition so my body can fight of the virus because there’s really no medicine for this. But I need to stay in the hospital because if I’m at home, I won’t be able to have that rest because I need to take care of EJ and do other house works. So the plan is, we wait for my mother-in-law to be here and I’ll get out.

Teacher Cathy was with me this day and the doctors came and asked questions. She became my translator. But aside from the fact she translated for me, she was also someone I can talk comfortably with. We talked about my love story and we had a good sharing time, just like real friends.

Night time came – teacher Cathy left and it was Joey’s turn. He told me that Joseph told him they fear teacher Cathy might get infected and that she had to go on with her teaching English at Speedy Tech. It was sad because starting Friday, I would be alone the whole day. At around 9pm Joey had to go home to take care of EJ. When he left, loneliness crept in. It’s the thought that if I were back home (in Bacolod) I wouldn’t be alone. Family and friends will be there to visit, stay with me and chat. I can watch TV, I can use the phone and I can do all sorts of stuff. But here, I’m all alone.

But in my being alone, I got to realize a lot of things. This is a situation that I need to go through because I need to grow up. I am forced to grow up. At night when I sleep, to make sure my thoughts are filled with good things, I turn on my phone and listen to the worships songs I have. That way I sleep feeding myself with thoughts on how great my God is and that I am not alone, He’s with me, He loves me and that He will take care of me. I also remember my mom. A lot of times in Bacolod she would choose to be alone in the hospital. She became my “model” thinking that if she was able to survive it, then definitely I will. But thinking of her makes me miss her so much. I know that if mama were here, she would be absent from work and make sure she takes care of me. But then again, we’re not together. So I had to tell myself to be strong, go to sleep and know that God will make sure everything will be alright.

March 25, 2008

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