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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I always believe that everything we go through in life has a reason and behind those reasons are lessons that we need to learn. From this Hepatitis A experience, I have a great deal of realizations and revelations that I want to share. Some of which are only for myself but some, I’m sure you readers will benefit from. Just treat it like you would when eating a fish – eat the meat and throw the bones. Here goes…

a) I need to take care of myself and this should be a conscious decision. As much as I would want to be the Perfect wife, Perfect mom and Perfect teacher – I can’t. I can only be the best that I can be without compromising my health. I have to sleep early, do regular exercise, drink my supplements and not over work. I needed to repent for this because I have forgotten the fact that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that I should take really good care of it.
b) I understood how important the LIVER is to our over-all health. Gosh, I never knew that this liver is the most hardworking organ in the body – it’s like a manufacturing plant and a storage area doing more than 500 functions vital for our survival. I am so blessed with the websites that gave detailed information of how to take good care of our liver, the detoxification process and a whole lot more!
c) Sad as it may seem, our ignorance and/or negligence and/or hard-headedness will eventually comeback to us. Hihi… I need not go to the details but sometimes, I admit I’m just that – ignorant and hard-headed (stubborn can also be a word to describe that). But it’s okay, I learned things the hard way, but still, I learn. All I can say is if you have HEPA, REST should be your topmost priority. Define rest? Just watch TV - stay on the bed. Just stand when you need to pee or poo or eat. And eat lots of water and vitamin C.
d) Motherhood chooses no season. In sickness or in health, you just can’t stop being a mother. My doctor demanded that I take a bed rest and not do any taking care of the baby stuff, but when mama Mary went back to Bacolod, I had no other option but to take care of my EJ – bathe him, feed him, send him to school and do other stuff a mother and a wife does. Yes I was able to take a sick leave from being a teacher, but NOT from being a wife, much more NOT from being a mother.
e) OFW life isn’t easy – never easy at all. Yes we earn more than the rest of the family, but in times like these, I wish I were back home with all the comforts and care of the family and friends. Yes we do enjoy the benefits of having more (financially) but we do have our share of sleepless nights and painful days. On the other hand though, I can agree with what the Philippine government says that the modern day heroes are the OFW. It takes a lot of sacrifice and courage being one!

I thank God for friends and family He sent to help our family (Joey, me and EJ) to go through this chapter of our life. In my book (soon to be published, hihi) you’ll have your page. Even family and friends from afar, who prayed and chatted with me, thank you for praying and keeping in touch.

I believe I’m getting better everyday. This sickness wasn’t meant to stay. I won’t even let it rob my joy. I have decided to eat right, drink my medicines and have a happy attitude. Of course I have to choose to be happy. But it’s ok. That’s why God gave us free will – so we can choose what we want to happen. I choose life. I choose joy. I choose healing. All by the grace of God!

May 5, 2008

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