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Friday, November 7, 2008


So we finally decided that I stay in the hospital. Next question: Can I have a private room? The answer: NO. The office is already closed and I didn’t make any advanced information so I have to stay in the WARD. Of course I didn’t like that, but it’s either that or I go home. Joey’s totally convinced that I stay so to the ward I went.

The ward is like the semi-private that we have in Riverside hospital, only for 4 people. But here, each ward room consists of people with similar disease, in my case, Hepatitis. There were 2 old women in the room and 1 empty bed. I could say it was clean and we had our own toilet, but no way for me to take a bath.

I ate dinner then I was given I.V. In the Philippines, the nurses monitor your I.V. but here, each patient should monitor and notify the nurses so they can come and change or put a new one. So for my first night, I had to sleep at 12midnight because I had to stay awake and wait for each I.V. bag to run out, inform the nurses by pressing a button (like a buzzer) and let her change it. There were 4 bags and it took about 5 hours.

I didn’t have a goodnight’s rest because if someone coughs or goes to the toilet, I wake up and find it hard going back to sleep. The worst part was at 5am, someone comes in and changes all the garbage cans! So at 5am, everybody was up and my “neighbors” started chatting! At that time also the nurse came and got blood samples for my laboratory check – to confirm what kind of Hepatitis I got. After that, I went back to bed and covered myself with my blanket, wishing I could go back to sleep. Of course, I wasn’t able to. At around 7am, my doctor came and greeted me, “Good morning Maricar teacher” with a big smile on her face. That was a really nice and sincere greeting. So I got up and to my surprise, people were standing at our door looking at me!!! The doctor bought breakfast for me, NOODLES. And the funny thing was, all those “fans” at the door were all watching how I would eat the noodles! Of course I had my spoon and fork so I used those to eat. Whew! I was like an instant celebrity that day!

At around 8am, doctors and nurses from the Foreign Department came and gave me a gift – BASKET FILLED WITH FLOWERS AND FRUITS. Teacher Cathy also came. We asked for her to help me out that whole day since she’s Chinese and her English is good. Plus of course, she really cares for me. So the head nurse of the Foreign Department tried to arrange my “SEPARATE ROOM” – this is how they call the private room. We had to wait for a little while because the separate rooms were all occupied so they had to ask the patients one by one if he or she can give up her room for the foreigner! Someone did, hihi. So they cleaned the room and at around 11am, I was able to transfer to my own room. For 40RMB per night, the room is perfect! In Bacolod, a room like what I have now would probably cost around P800 already. So I’m really glad I have this room to myself.

March 23, 2008


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