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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This morning I watched Joel Osteen’s preaching and his topic was “Trust God to do it HIS WAY”. All throughout his message, he kept repeating 2 words, STAY OPEN.
It got me reflecting on my very own life, and here’s what I’ve realized.

In 1994, I was given an option to take a higher scholarship grant if I would major in Education, rather than Engineering. I didn’t take the offer mainly because I NEVER WANTED TO BE A TEACHER, so I thought. But God slowly changed my heart for years. He allowed me to lead Bible studies, worked in companies where I had to teach, lead me to teaching preschoolers then to the Koreans. Little did I know that He’s been preparing me for a teaching Job here in China.

When I was in my college years, I thought, I didn’t want to work away from home because I don’t think I’d survive. But in 1999, I was offered a job in Hitachi, Laguna. My prayer that time was, “Close the door anytime you want me out God. But if you want me in there, then let me pass the interview with the HR Manager.” So even if there was still a panel interview with the Japanese when we reach Laguna, I didn’t fear, I already knew I’d make it. So I did. Life away from home wasn’t easy, that was my first time. It took me months to recover from the sadness, yet I survived. Little did I know that He’s been preparing me for a life away from the comforts of home here in China.

When EJ was still inside my tummy, I prayed that God will give him a Chinese community to grow in. I didn’t know HOW that would be possible because there weren’t any Chinese in Laguna, so I thought. But in 2005, God called Joey to work in China, so I had to go back to Bacolod, stay with Joey’s parents – Chinese parents; who attend a Chinese church. That was the first Chinese community EJ and I had. But right now, God didn’t only give us a Chinese community, He gave us CHINA itself.

On and on I can write situations where God had to change my heart and MY THOUGHTS to align to His heart and HIS THOUGHTS. I know my decisions were not faultless, but He has strung the pieces of my life together in spite the imperfections. I may have fallen several times, but each time I fell, I learned lessons I never would have realized had I not taken those steps. After all, we're like "EJ's" who runs and tips over, but runs again.

I have come to understand that I can not put God in a box. I can’t expect Him to answer my prayers in ways that I want, in the timeframe I prefer or in a place where I’m comfortable. His thoughts are higher, His ways are better, His plans are perfect.


I may not always understand now, but in the future, I will. Just as He prepared me for where I am right now, I believe He is preparing me for where He wants me to be in the time to come.
By the way, this preparation isn’t just about me…I believe God is preparing our whole family to where He wants us to be in the days, months, years, decades and centuries to come. The best that I can do right here right now is to STAY OPEN and TRUST GOD TO DO IT HIS WAY.

June 26, 2007


Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I am always delighted to meet new people. I trust you will come back often.

I see you are a new blogger and I wish you well in your blogging adventure. It has been a wonderful and exciting adventure for me.
God bless,

Brenda Susan said...

How interesting to read about your life! Especially since I have been to China AND Bacolod, Philippines & will be returning to Bacolod in the spring! Crazy huh?

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i am overhauling my blog. please respond here if u still want to be in my blogroll on or before nov. 22. thanks! :D


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