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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It’s been quiet a while since I updated my blog. Why? It’s because I’ve been really busy with taking care of my son, my husband, myself and my work. Yes, my work. By profession I’m an Engineer but for now, I’m an English teacher to the Chinese.

When I left IMI in 2005, my husband and I decided that I won’t work as an Engineer anymore because being one will take so much of my time. I’ve been there for almost 6 years and I know the life! I thought to myself, I won’t go back to the manufacturing world because it’s just too demanding! Not when my baby is still very young.

But you see, in my blog – NOT ABOUT ME – I wrote how I opened my life to God’s leading.

Here are some lines I wrote in that blog:

“God knows what’s best, and I believe where He wants me, is where He will put me. May it be in school, at home or in anywhere else, it won’t matter. I have decided in my heart, that I will trust and obey.”

I have trusted. I have obeyed. Funny as it may seem, the door in a manufacturing company opened for me – but this time, not as an Engineer, but as an English teacher to their management staff. Managers who have shown commitment in learning English as their second language, believing that it will help them become “global talents” – as they put it.

I really enjoy teaching them English. But my favorite part is bringing out the best in them and making them believe they can FLY. Slowly by slowly I can see them opening their wings. Some have already attempted to fly while others still need a little push. But its ok, the important thing is they’re getting there.

For me, teaching English is just a tool God has allowed me to use to bring out the best in people. As Joey put it, “you are impacting their lives more than you think.” More than the pay I receive, more than the esteem they give me as their teacher; it’s bringing out the best in them that gives me the motivation to teach in the most excellent way that I can.

To all the teachers out there, touch your student’s lives and leave footprints in their hearts. Nothing is more fulfilling than to know when you leave them, they’re better persons than when you first stepped into their lives. This is a teacher’s call.

As Francis Kong puts it,

“Your students may forget all the lessons you’ve taught them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

September 5, 2007


Mary said...

I am of the same opinion that as a teacher it is more about how you affect a students life. I'm not a teacher yet, but I will move forward to accomplish that dream. Currently, I tutor mathematics and found that the key was boosting his confidence in his ability to do the work. As his confidence grew, his grades improved.

It is encouraging to see other mothers trust God in the area of motherhood. I know that you are blessed.

meili_lo said...

thanks Mary =) let me know if u become a full pledged teacher so I can share with ur joys =)


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