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Friday, October 24, 2008

Life Worth Remembering

"I will make my MARK in this generation. I will impact people around me. I will make a difference."

"You’re not everyone, but you are one
You may not do everything, but you can do something"

"You may be a stay at home mom, and you’re calling is to raise a child that may influence millions"

"A 100 years from now, will it be any significant that I lived on this planet? Make it a goal to leave this earth better of than before you came in."

These are some of the thoughts that I picked up while listening to Joel Osteen's preaching one sunday regarding "Living a Life Worth Remembering." The message struck me and it made me realize that I am not just here to exist, but that I am here to leave a footprint in the hearts of people I love, a mark in the places I've been and a life worth remembering...

This blog is dedicated to people like me who aren't here on this planet just for the sake of existing but rather to make sure that the world will become a better place because once in it's existence, someone like you and me, set foot on it.

Join me in this cause... I may touch one who someday will touch millions.

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