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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Second Life?

Last night something terrible happened... I knew it was a dream but it felt so real that when I woke up, I had chest pains, catching my breath and my body so stiff. In Filipino term it's like "bangungut." A lot of people die in this kind of experience while sleeping, but I truly thank God I survived. It's the first time it happened to me and I pray it's the last.

In my dream I felt very dizzy and everything around me was whirling, it got faster and faster and faster. I was trying to shout "langga" (which is how I call my husband) several times and trying to reach and wake him up because I knew exactly he was sleeping next to me. Everything in my mind and body was awake and conscious but as I shouted, no voice came out and as I moved my left hand, I wasn't able to do it. For a moment I felt my heart stopped beating and I lost my breath but I was determined to wake up... Then all of a sudden BOOM, I was able to open my eyes and breathe really fast. My heart was painful and my body so weak... The first thing I said when I woke up was THANK YOU LORD! I knew God sent an angel to wake me up and I am grateful. I then hugged Joey and looked at EJ to make sure they're sleeping well. I then touched my tummy to assure my baby that everything ok. After that I prayed that they will never experience that kind of dream and that God will always keep them safe in their sleep.

I would like to believe this is a second life... I just know there's still much work to be done and one of which is raising up kids that will soon be "mighty in this land".

Thank you Lord for this life... I will forever be grateful.


Posh Post Reviews said...

well yeah, technically a second life, because there are moments when we experience that we seem to cannot wake up from sleep. but thankfully, God saves us. :-)

Flowersbythewayside said...

i have experienced this several times before, even during i became a christian already. this became more recurrent when i was actively interceding for our church.

then i learned about demonic oppression. i prayed about it and someone prayed over me for deliverance.

thankfully, i never had an episode since.

Marriage Markers said...

this happened to me before. but while this was going on, the only words i would try to mouth are "Jesus save me."

it will take a while then i will wake up. but during those moments, you would think you were really fighting death.

~hon~ said...

I love this post! Are you a Filipina? I admire your love for your husband and children. Stay blessed. You are given an eternal life to cherish.


chulips said...

hmm... when i was little, i used to dream that i was spinning (like inside a washing machine) down the 'bottomless' stairs. it was pitch black and all i could see was me falling and the stairs. i don't know if you get the picture. hehe anyway, i frequently dreamt this in the past, but without the difficulty in breathing part. Although i also had a dream where we were murdered inside our home. =o the murderer killed all of my family. i was the only one left, so he chased me around the house. when i was finally cornered, that was when he stabbed me and everything became dark. after i don't know how long, i woke up. fear came over me at the thought that it could be a sign of something bad that's going to happen. thank God nothing of that sort happened. =D
it's nice to know that God is taking care of us. we should have faith in Him and thank Him for everything that happens in our lives either good or bad. ^_~

a corgi said...

oh poor you! what a frightening experience! I've never experienced something like this before but I have waken up with panic attacks where I had chest pain and thought I was dying; so thankful the Lord is with you!


meili_lo said...

thanks so much for your thoughtful words... yes indeed, God is with us even in our sleep.

God Bless you :o)

~hon~ said...

hi meili! since i love you, my friend, I've decided to tag you. hope you don't mind. Please check out my blogpost entitled 'Tagged Again' for more details. I am very much interested to know more about you. No pressure though. Thank you.


I am super glad that you have the second life because I know we still have more to experience as friends and we'll have more in eternal life, too. I admire your blogs.

zunnur said...

I've experienced the same a couple of times in the past and even a few times on the same night. It was during a period when I was very sick and weak for some time. It was real scary.

Mari said...

What a frightening thing! I'm glad you are alright, and yes - God is with us all the time - even in our sleep!

Mark and Elayne said...

This happens more often than most realize. Many think it is a bad dream. But it is not. I had this happen before. Several years ago, I felt myself crying out to Yeshua and woke up.
Years later, a few months ago my husband noticed I had stopped breathing and woke me up. Since Mark wasn't due back from Iraq until this month, I am thruly thankful he was home.


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