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Be Blessed.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Can you imagine giving up your own son?

I've watched this video several times, but each time, I have to ask myself if I can give up my son's life for the sake of saving hundreds... And every time my answer is NO... Yes, I am selfish and I believe I am most parents... BUT this video shows something different - a picture of how much God loves us that He gave His only son to save us all... This video shows it in a language we can all understand.

Be Blessed...

If you were in the father's place, what would you do?


a corgi said...

that was a powerful video! it continually amazes me what the Lord did for us


edinna said...

This is a wake up call.

i have met a lady in an uncertain place. she appeared to be so aloof with the way she looked at me. i never thought that we would be working in one company. as i have journeyed my life in that kind of job, i have discovered the she was such a blessing in my life and to the people around her. she'd be there in every step of the way. she never left us hanging.... she was there to help though her time was always being asked. she always hears us without judgement. she's indeed a true and new found friend. her smile and approach would make you feel secure and alright.

i would like to thank you Car for being so good to me. thank you for all the warmth and thoughtfullness you have shown me. i am so lucky to know you and is truly a blessing in my life. please continue to be a blessing for others too. we need this kind of person in this uncertain world.

i love you Car! God Bless your family! :)

Posh Post Reviews said...

yeah, for a parent it is very hard to imagine giving up one's child. i even wonder how abraham did it. he had so much faith!

Marriage Markers said...

hi there!

oh i dunno...gee in my case..oh i could not imagine. i have talked with another mother and she said if she were asked to sacrifice her son, she thinks that she will really fail. on our own, i think it is very difficult.

~hon~ said...

I'd be so weak if I give up my own son. This video moved me so much because I can feel JESUS in my life. The sacrifice HE has to take. I agree with 'a corgi' and I can't do what GOD did for us. HE loved us so much. HE is worthy of our lives.

~hon~ said...

Oh and thank you for putting me up in your "Link Link Link" section. I really appreciate it!

Shannon Jacobyansky said...

I've seen this video brought me to tears and is a great portrayal of God's love for us that He gave his one and only Son for us...miserable sinners who do not deserve the gift of Christ Jesus!

I'm so glad He came and gave me a hope of a life everlasting!


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